Guitar pedal wizardry

Guitar pedal wizardry

Today I will be at Heid Music in Oshkosh from 5:30 to 7:00. I will be talking about and demonstrating “guitar pedal wizardry”. 🙂 Please stop in and say hi, there should be plenty of time to visit and play with stuff. Don’t forget to ask questions....


Got to jam with some friends tonight. Fun time. Used some blues chords that I have been working on with guitar students. Even the harmonic minor scale! Who would have thought that scale could sound so happy!??


Does this mean anything to you? wwhwwwh Or, 1w2w3h4w5w6w7h1 Even better if light comes quickly, I w ii w iii h IV w V w vi w vii• h I One of the most important things during a guitar lesson is to see or extract patterns in the work. A pattern can be a combination or...

Portable workstation.

Working on a new guitar lesson sheet for students. Lucas is helping. We are ruffing it in the car in Appleton & missing Oshkosh.