Sound Circles

learn to practice practice to play play to learn 🙂

New strings, winter, guitar lessons, and confused muscle memory.

Last night I restrung my 12 string Rickenbacker electric. Just for fun I practiced on it late last night and early this morning. For guitar lessons today I’m back to the six string. WOW is there open space on this Strat neck! I feel like my fingers could get...

Stratocaster Crazy @ Oshkosh Guitar

Here at Oshkosh Guitar in Oshkosh Wisconsin we are crazy about Fender Stratocasters. I have not had a guitar student yet that regrets buying a Strat. They are so versatile and easy to use. Very good value too. (Way) Less then $1000.00 for a professional performance...

New guitar !

J. S. Got got a sweet new strat! Thanks to the kind folks at Heid music in Oshkosh Wisconsin for helping another guitar student of mine take an awesome guitar home. J. Said it will not be easy doing homework with this thing setting next to him tonight.

Nice guitars!

Two students in a row with Fender guitars tonight. We decided to make a show of it. Logan (dark purple guitar) is working on Alfred’s book 1, the blues in A and pentatonic pattern 1 (40X a day!) Elijah (telecaster) is flying through Alfred’s book 3 and...