New Oshkosh Guitar business cards.

New business cards! Let me know if you want some to give out. I have a few open times for guitar lessons left in the schedule. This fall is turning out perfectly fine with new and old guitar students. An interesting opportunity is coming up this Saturday for Oshkosh...

Summer guitar lessons are ending soon!

There are only two summer weeks left after this one in Oshkosh!!! Oshkosh guitar students enjoy the freedom summer allows while you can! For SOON your brains will be filled with new information to digest & fresh schedules to remember. Also sports and aching...


Part of vacation is having a little extra time to continue getting better at my Job. I am a fortunate person to have such employment.

Office with a view

I get to work from my second office today. The trunk of Stephanie’s subaru! Still a bit cold, but the grass is green and the lake is open. 🙂 Today: guitar lesson flyer, scale sheet, chord sheet, & one new exercise. Too much fun.