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We love guitar lessons with Jesse.   He is an extremely talented musician and teacher – that’s a very rare combination.

His easy-going manner clicks with kids.  He has taught our son since 2nd grade (he’s now an 8th grader).  He challenges him to succeed but doesn’t pressure him so playing the guitar keeps it’s appeal and is a source of enjoyment.  I highly recommend Jesse to all our friends and so does our son.

Kim Makurat

Jesse has been teaching me guitar for 8 years. I can without a doubt say he is a gifted teacher who invests a lot into his work. As long as I have known Jesse he has always had a large variety of students from kids younger than I to adults much older than myself as I write this. Even after taking lessons for this long, I still look forward to each lesson and that is the result of having a teacher that is highly committed to keeping lessons interesting and the guitar new week after week. As I will be starting college next fall I can only hope to work with instructors as qualified and talented as the one I found within my own city, and that Jesse will continue to have the same impact on each student as he has had on me.

Jessica Reid

Jesse is a great instructor that always motivates me to keep trying, because whenever he shows me a new technique on his guitar, it inspires me to practice more, and I learn a lot of new things. Besides the songs in my guitar book, he teaches me all new chords, and new songs I learn at home and show him at my next lesson. The way he lays out what I’m supposed to be doing makes it easy to remember and practice, and at lessons it’s easy to ask him questions and tell him what I don’t understand about what’s in my lesson. Jesse is fun to talk to, and doesn’t imply a sense of formality. I’ve been his student for a year and a half now, and I have definitely learned a lot about guitar, and I will definitely keep Jesse as my teacher.


Jesse is that rare combination of an incredibly skilled musician who cares for his students as much as he does for his music!  We have been so appreciative of his ability to “read” Mitch’s changing style interests over the past 5 years.  Whether Jesse is teaching Mitch the unique finger picking styles for Spanish guitar music, the skills needed to accompany a worship group or the technique of making a Dunlop Crybaby wail, our son comes away from every lesson feeling like he accomplished something new that day.

Ed & Sandy Brunk


Ever since you have been teaching me the arcane art of the guitar, my life has been filled with a longing to learn more about music. Music has become my life, and it was thanks to you. I hope we meet for years to come and dive deeper into the ever-wonderous abyss of music.

Peace out

TJ Kohl

Jesse has been my guitar teacher for almost four years now and I could not ask for a better one.  I was referred to him through the old Henri’s Music store in Oshkosh.  Taking lessons with him was a decision I will never regret. He teaches guitar where it is easy for anyone to understand and is enjoyable to play.  For everything I learn at a lesson, Jesse always makes sure to explain the purpose of it and why it is important. He is always positive and motivating at every lesson. If you are someone who is interested in taking guitar lessons, I definitely recommend Jesse as your teacher.

Gavin Harmon

Jesse was recommended to us as a guitar instructor about 8 years ago.  He has been a wonderful teacher, as well as a great mentor for both of my sons.  I am impressed with his work ethic and his relaxed style, which I feel is a great match for my sons.  He can relate to students of all ages, which helps make him an excellent instructor.

My oldest son, Scott, took lessons from middle school through high school.  He was very sad when his time with Jesse was complete.  He thoroughly enjoyed working with Jesse, learning acoustic, electric and bass guitar.  He loved to play, and even wrote some of his own songs.

My son, Eric, has been taking lessons from Jesse since middle school and is currently a senior at West High School.  He has been  playing the acoustic and electric guitar.    He now plays in a local band, and when they needed him to learn to play bass, Jesse  worked with him till he was prepared to play for a benefit this past summer.  Working with Jesse has also introduced Eric to music he might not have thought to listen to on his own.

This will be our last year with Jesse, as Eric will graduate next Spring, but plans on taking his guitar to college to continue playing.  We have and will continue to recommend Jesse to anyone who is looking for a wonderful guitar instructor.

Jennifer Dubie

Jesse is a great guitar teacher because not only does he teach me new things about the guitar, but he shows me why I am doing them. He knows almost everything about the guitar that someone could ever want to know. His method has helped me because he relates the guitar to the piano to make things easier to understand.


It was difficult to find a guitar teacher for my children as they were younger than usual (7 & 8 yrs) and had been on a waiting list at a company in town for 5 months with no prospects available.  Jesse was referred to us by the music teacher at school and he was willing to take on the challenge.  We have been with Jess for over 2 years and the girls have made progress by leaps and bounds and often play their guitars at school for special events.  The music teacher has made many comments on how impressed she is with their skill and the difficulty of the pieces they can play.  Jess is a very patient, flexible, and dedicated instructor. I am very confident in his teaching abilities and am very thankful that he was willing to work with us.

Sue Fellerer

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