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What days can I take guitar lessons at Oshkosh Guitar?

Currently guitar lessons are offered Monday thru Thursday (7:00am – 10pm) by appointment only and can be scheduled up to a month in advance.

How much do guitar lessons cost at Oshkosh Guitar?

Lessons are $50.00 per half hour. There is a very significant discount for students who pay monthly versus lesson by lesson. Please call or email for current monthly tuition pricing. Lessons are by appointment only.

(920) 216-0893

How long does it take for a beginning guitar student to get good?

Most students feel that they can see progress within a few weeks of starting lessons. Everyone learns at their own pace, but that pace moves quick and smooth with proper instruction. The answer also depends on what is considered a beginning guitar student and what is thought of as good.

Are personal lessons worth even it if I can teach myself from the internet and/or DVDs?

Yes, indeed. Information and instruction are quite different. The internet is a great source for information but that will only get you so far. During a guitar lesson at Oshkosh Guitar you will receive PERSONAL and customized instruction based on YOUR playing, progress, strengths, weakness, attitude, and questions… not someone else’s.

Do you teach songs?

Yes, if the song can be integrated into a lesson. I have found that most students of Oshkosh Guitar can learn songs on their own within a few lessons. The songs taught during guitar lessons will have an exact concept or lesson that is being practiced.

What do you teach your students?

Four interrelated areas are taught in guitar lessons at Oshkosh Guitar:

  1. Exercises
  2. Music literacy
  3. Music theory
  4. Application
Do I have to practice every day? I am very busy but I still want to learn to play guitar.

NO! Absolutely not. Taking lessons is a good way to make sure every valuable minute of practice time counts. At Oshkosh Guitar it is understood that everything must take its proper place in our lives. Guitar practice and guitar lessons should only occupy the space that you feel they should in your own personal life. Through lessons and progress however, our priorities may shift. Be prepared to look forward to your practice times, it is bound to become VERY fun. (But, don’t forget your homework and chores,… You can’t sit around and play guitar ALL day!)

Will you come to my house for guitar lessons or do I need to go to Oshkosh Guitar?
Due to scheduling many students I cannot travel for guitar lessons. If a student needs to work and cannot attend a lesson, it may be possible to give a lesson via email or phone, however this would only be reserved for rare/emergency occasions, is not a sustainable approach and will not work in the long run. Students with disabilities are encouraged contact us to see if we can work something out.
Do you ever perform live?

Yes, from time to time. Over the years I have performed with numerous other artists, groups, bands, etc.

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