The Punching Kittens –Today Downtown Oshkosh WI
They should start between 1:30 and 2pm.
This event is in the Opera House Square.
(“Sundial” park next to The New Moon)
Downtown Oshkosh, 300 Block of Main Street.
The event is “The Oshkosh Sunburn Bike Rally”
(There will be other bands too!)
Today is the last scheduled concert for the Punching Kittens. The Kittens will be off to explore higher education and prepare for the future of Planet Earth. If you have time today I would encourage you to come down and experience this event. Please let your friends know too, share this note quickly via the World Wide Web, The Internet, The Facebook, The Twitter, The Cellular Telephone, The Texting Machine, Your Mouth, Your Pointing Finger, and Your Thumb. I for one am very sad to see these guys go away, but am also excited for them and their upcoming adventures. See you today in the Opera House Square.

Thanks, OshkoshGuitar.