Here is a simple and helpful tip on practicing and growing your ability.

Look over your Oshkosh Guitar Lesson Sheet. Take note of one thing you wish to learn or practice in the present session. Do not worry or think of any other exercise, scale, chord, song or project on your sheet. Read all relevant information, diagrams and instructions for this exact project. Now comes the hard part, for as long as your concentration will allow, think of and do the exact project with every part of your self. No thinking outside of the present task is allowed. This puts everything you have directly into your practice. You may be surprised how much effort this can take if you are not used to it. I would suggest starting with a very simple exercise such as 1234 or one measure of a piece you are learning. The goal is to use a musical task to strengthen your ability to learn, focus and practice with maximum efficiency. If you still have energy after this, practice the rest of your lesson as usual. As ability in this area grows you may wish to take a breath break every few minutes. You will see why when you get the hang of it. Have fun! 🙂

See you soon for your next guitar lesson in good old Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


P.S. I still have a small number of openings for summer guitar lessons.
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