Today is the last 2010/11 school day for my Oshkosh students. The school season was wonderful but we are all very happy to see it behind us. I have 5 seniors going away this fall. They will be missed. Four of the five have been students for over FIVE YEARS. The fifth just started a few months ago and I’m so happy he did. He has been a guitar student in the area for a few years but needed specific help in order to pass a university classical guitar audition. (He passed it.) I’m thinking of interviewing the seniors and dedicating a blog to each one. GREAT PEOPLE.

I am very excited for summer guitar lessons at Oshkosh Guitar. During the summer season I pack all students into Monday and Tuesday. We start at 7am and do one guitar lesson per half hour until 10pm. I am happy God created the coffee plant, I think you know why! I still have a few openings for the summer schedule. If you are curious about what guitar lessons are like here, this is the perfect time to check it out.
Jesse G.