Punching Kittens minus Eric (he’s with The French) are at the New Moon in Oshkosh WI right now. Once again I am witnessing awesomeness in my own city. These guys are all freshly graduated Oshkosh West seniors save the singer. He (Dakota) is already a student of “higher” learning at the UWO machine.

I get to brag a bit because three of the Kittens have graced me with their presence on my learning stool. It looks exactly like a normal stool but is not. This special stool is where students sit while in my guitar lesson studio. Many important conversations happen around the stool. Ethan (Drums) walked by the stool one day as he went to sit on the observation chair. The observation chair seems like an ordinary folding chair but it is not. It is the chair that allows an outsider to take part in the conversations that happen around the learning school. The outsider is then an insider and has become an honorary member of Oshkosh Guitar (even if they play the drums.) As it turns out, Ethan’s older brother has spent many hours on the learning stool. The connections in this city are endless and I seem to be at the crossroads (quite literally) on New York and Jackson St.
Yes I said that. 🙂