Tonight at Oshkosh Guitar I (Jesse Gyldenvand, Instructor, Teacher, Coach, Tutor, Crazyman, & Rockstar) am conditioning my body and mind for a great week of guitar/music instruction.
As usual, this week’s lessons will include the four foundations used to build our skill and art.

I however, after much intentional thinking (while sweeping the floor, doing dishes and cleaning dog puke out of the car), have decided this week’s guitar lessons will be extra special for my paying students. Those brave enough to ASK, will receive the beginning of the secret to GUITAR SUCCESS. Does this sound too good to be true? Only the brave will find out! But it gets even better; you can apply the secret to everything! Here’s a hint, the first secret is only a secret because your eyes are divided and facing the wrong direction. Can you figure it out before your next lesson?

For those not wishing to take this leap quite yet, you will not be disappointed or left lonely. You will get one great guitar lesson and another week of awesome guitar practice.

P.S. Be sure to try out the new chair Stephanie (my superhero wife) found on sale this week.