The transition to online lessons has been way less painful than I expected. Although, I CAN’T wait to see you all in person again!

So far we are all working together well and allowing this experience to be tolerable and productive. Please know that your suggestions are taken into serious consideration. There is no way I can keep up with communication technology AND be the best guitar teacher on earth. I have students and parents of students that have helped me tremendously in this. If/when you think of ways that our process can be improved, I welcome your thoughts. PLEASE!

Most students that travel to Oshkosh have been paying me in person at their lessons. This is not possible now. For payment in April and possibly May, you can do the following: Check through the mail, PayPal, Venmo, EBT, or text me and arrange for a drop off in my mailbox. I really really very much appreciate the support and flexibility students are showing.

On a side note. People are starting to feel the loneliness settle in. Reach out to a few people every day and let them know you care and value them. Times get hard. We can really make a difference here.

We can do it!!!