Alright, this is crazy.
It is January 8th 2012 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt for lessons today. In fact, my guitar students may notice I was wearing this outfit in July last summer! (wool socks and all) 🙂
I love Wisconsin.
In other news, thanks to Adam at Heid music in Oshkosh for giving me a great deal last week. Savarez classical guitar strings and a real Fender guitar case for my stratocaster.
I have needed strings for over a week and a case for oh,… about 10 years.
On the way to our last band practice in Beaver Dam I noticed my blue guitar shining through a crack in the old case. No more procrastination, it took 10 years, but I finally got a case.

I still have a few openings for new students. Send me a message if you are interested in starting up!