There is something that seems to increase the value of a guitar lesson more that anything else. Well, other than showing up… 😉
This thing is practicing more than enough to “pass” an assignment. I normally suggest that everyone (even busy people) practice for at least 25 minutes a day to allow a half hour guitar lesson to pay off. I’ve found that every time you increase your practice time & consistency, you multiply your learning, skills & the value of your lesson. So how much practice time? How much time do you have and how good do you want to be?
Now here’s the fun part as a guitar teacher.
I had a student this morning who has been soaking up EVERYTHING he is given on his work sheet. Our half hour lesson flys by so fast and is totally packed with guitar related conversation. His sheet is filled with extra work and he really gets it. Today I finally asked, “How on earth do you fit all this into a half hour practice?” He answered with a smile, “Well, I practice about 3 hours a day.”
I can almost promise you that his lesson is worth 5 times what he pays me. How? He pays extra in time and work. I know this isn’t possible for all of us, but it is nice to see an example of what can happen if we WORK at what we LOVE instead of just getting by.