Personal and private lessons in a safe environment.
All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Oshkosh Guitar offers private guitar lessons in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with university training and over 15 years of guitar instructing experience. All ages and all levels, beginner to advanced, are welcome.


We have been playing the guitar for over 25 years and are University trained in a variety of styles.


For over 15 years we have been giving guitar instruction. We love guitar and we love teaching, that’s why we do both here at Oshkosh Guitar!


We offer one on one personal and individual attention during each private lesson.


Over the many years of teaching guitar to hundreds of students we have developed a very functional system, a curriculum if you will, that is unique to Oshkosh Guitar and serves our students very well.

All music styles are taught:

classical • electric • acoustic • bass • country • rock • folk • pop • blues • jazz • and more

Recent Blog Posts

Schooling us.

The smell of text books and chalk boards will soon invade Oshkosh. I have some guitar students that already start school this week! Most start in September and have a few more precious days of freedom to spend. My fall schedule is starting to shape up and it looks...

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Summer guitar lessons are ending soon!

There are only two summer weeks left after this one in Oshkosh!!! Oshkosh guitar students enjoy the freedom summer allows while you can! For SOON your brains will be filled with new information to digest & fresh schedules to remember. Also sports and aching muscles,...

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Prayer Vigil.

Persecution and violence of any sort for any reason is a shame and so very sad. We absolutely need to see each other as fellow travelers. Life is so precious, use it to learn and love. Prayer Vigil Sikh Temple of the Fox Valley Tuesday, August 7th 6:00 PM Open to the...

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Guitar practice, lesson value.

There is something that seems to increase the value of a guitar lesson more that anything else. Well, other than showing up... 😉 This thing is practicing more than enough to "pass" an assignment. I normally suggest that everyone (even busy people) practice for at...

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Guitar lessons to food!

Hmm, guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar. Yes guitar goes through my head quite a lot. Guitar Lessons, Guitar Practice, Guitar Performance, Guitar Maintenance, Guitar Shopping,... Well here's a secret. Another thing that goes through my head is food, food, food, food,......

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Oshkosh Guitar works with students of all ages and all levels. Wether you’re 5 or 105 it’s never too late to start. If you already play guitar and want to take it to the next level we offer intermediate and advanced instruction as well.