Can you know this deep?

“Learn and forget, learn and forget. Make the techniques part of your Being” -Morihei Ueshiba

Finals week at UWO

To my Oshkosh Guitar students attending UWO… You can do it‼️ 2 days left! 😎👍 (Lots of guitar lesson cancellations this week because of finals and study/cramming. I have absolutely been there and sympathize🤘❤️)

I think it’s safe to say most of my guitar students at Oshkosh Guitar know I love plants and gardening. If you feel this too please please check out this event/organization. They are outstanding people with a truly noble calling. 🙂...

Guitar Events.

Guitar lessons at Oshkosh Guitar are fun… but so is getting your guitar in working shape. Tomorrow April 24th -FREE Guitar Strings and Restringing. The people at Heid Music in Oshkosh are always very kind and helpful to my students. Please tell them JesseG says...