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Guitar Lessons are now back in session!

I hope everyone had a good week in Oshkosh or away doing adventures! I'm excited to hear guitar student's stories. I know some went to EAA, some camping, some road tripping across the country, a few even went over seas! See you all soon......

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Music composition

Sometimes I write for Guitar lessons sometimes for art. Sometimes I cannot tell them apart. There is some fun theory in this piece. If you click the link it will take you to my YouTube channel. Most of the work there is simply art. You may notice a lot of what is...

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Monday January 28th 2019

Somewhere past that tree is a road. ❄️ All Oshkosh Schools are cancelled due to winter weather. Guitar lessons can still be available throughout the day. Please make sure you can travel safe if you decide to travel at all. Let me know ASAP if you decide...

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Rock and Roll.

old photos of my magic have been discovered. Nothing has changed, everything is new.

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One of the reasons I feel that my guitar lessons are outstanding is that my students ask questions. There are things everyone should know when it comes to guitar and music. A common struggle for students and teachers alike is connecting to that body of knowledge....

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Finals week at UWO

To my Oshkosh Guitar students attending UWO... You can do it‼️ 2 days left! 😎👍 (Lots of guitar lesson cancellations this week because of finals and study/cramming. I have absolutely been there and sympathize🤘❤️)

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